Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Pin Project goes for crowdfunding

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding [kroud-fuhnd-ing] noun, the act of many people contributing money to a project in exchange for a good or service, esp. to expand and democratize opportunity:crowdfund the album; crowdfund the start-up; crowdfund the research; crowdfund the event

Concept origin: historical practice of public patronage of arts and science (e.g., Medici funded da Vinci). Today via the Internet artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social leaders receive smaller amounts from many public patrons, who get something they value in return.

Why The Pin Project goes for Crowdfunding?
It is true that so many people travel around the world in so many ways (backpacking, overlanding etc). But, it's only a few of them that travelive around the world. This is very important for us and this is where Crowdfunding and RocketHub comes to help. By launching The Pin Project and trying to travelive for as long as possible, why are trying to prove that everybody can travel no matter what it costs. Travelling is not an expensive activity and time is more valuable than money. All we need to do -as humans- is to work the function of time and money on our daily routines and be strong enough to set priorities, take decisions or just start thinking outside of the box. We are exactly in this process and it will be very interesting to see how far we can get.

RocketHub and all the contributors are not sponsors but stowaways with a valid ticket that can travel with us and have some great gifts from the places we visit as well as personal stuff from our travel.

After 13 months, three robberies in our car and several breakdowns, we have crossed 16 countries (Europe & Africa) covering 29.000 km. By the end of the time frame of 3 months we set to raise the money, we will be back in Europe and depending on our budget, we will head East to Asia for two years. So far, we are on a 50 euros daily budget that includes: diesel, vehicle maintenance, visas, accommodation, food and transportation. In the meantime, we are trying to find temporary jobs and do whatever it needs to raise more money on our way as well as volunteering. By working and volunteering, we are also working the time and money function and value a lot of things in our trip and our lives in general. e.g. In South Africa where we had to stay for  4 months (3rd robbery), Georgia worked in a doggy parlour and Nikos worked in an Irish Pub. In Ghana we spent 3 weeks in a human trafficking program and in Zimbabwe we stayed in an orphanage for 45 days.

All in all, your contribution will extend our travel project to Asia against the global recession and will prove that money and time function can only work for our good. All the GOODS will also work on the same direction by enriching your and our routine.  

You can support our crowdfunding campaign in our RocketHub page.


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