Saturday, 15 December 2012

Five vehicles We would pay to see travel the World

On August 15, the American Overland website published a strange contest entitled "Five vehicles We would pay to see travel the world".

As so many people travel on a Land Rover or a Land Cruiser, the editors, being quite sarcastic, wanted to see how challenging it can be to travel all around the world on a Lotus Elise or a Suzuki Grand Vitara! To make it more interesting, they also promised a $100 prize for anyone that has already made or panning to start a grand overland adventure using such a vehicle.

The list included the following cars:

1. Range Rover MKIII
2. Toyota RAV4 2door AWD
3. Mercedes-Benz 240D
4. Honda Element AWD
5. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2gen

and a Lotus Elise!

We grabbed the chance and we sent an email and some info about our trip so far. At the end of the day, we wanted to understand how Americans see the diversity of 4X4 vehicles and an adventure not on a Jeep, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser and so on.

Range Rover
Mercedes-Benz 240D
Toyota RAV4
Honda Element
Suzuki Grand Vitara


After nearly five months, we received a reply that our Zikos is the vehicle chosen over the others, as it is in a roadtrip for the last 7 months (despite the fact that its owners still missing their passports).

We would like to dedicate this "honor" to our engineers Kyriakos Athanasiou (Istiaia) and Kakavas family (Chalkida), the big off-road community of VitaraClub and to all of the people that still believe in our adventure!

On December 11, the editors published an article about our trip and also sent our prize of $100.

Thanks to all of you, we can still overcome any obstacle and keep enjoying our travel and our lives in general! Getting such prizes (we do not mean the money off course), everyday we are getting richer and richer in experiences, colours, tastes, friends and so on.

Thank you all!

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