Thursday, 12 April 2012

A what-we-will-miss list

Shortly before departure, we decided to make a list of things we will really miss from Greece and our daily routine. And things we will be happy to forget as well.

Of course, our families and our friends are the first on this list. But what else kept us so many years in Greece? What else made us putting off again and again the big decision? Let's go to make a list, which will be of particular interest when -and if- we ever get back in Greece.

1. Tsipouro & ouzo restaurants in Xalkida. 
2. Holidays in Gavdos .. Last year we gave a promise for Gavdos to become our permanent holiday place and we are very sorry  that we won't keep that promise.

3. The coffees, drinks and cigarettes in the famous "Taf".. it's not a bar, it's not a club.. it is just a T-shaped dock for harbour tugs.. totally free for everyone to enjoy the seaside.. 
4. Summers in South Evia for free camping .. 

5. Our vespa! 

6. The weekends in Dafni and the monumental grill festivals in the fire place.

And a sort of things that we won't miss at all..

1. Greek Mass Media as a whole. 

2. The Greek TV in particular. 

3. Unfaithful people, people who lied, people who took care only for themselves.

4. The employee's routine itself. Especially, the very common wish "Have a nice weekend" we all exchange with so much simplicity every Friday afternoons, is so inexplicable to me.

5. Elevators, buses, clocks, toll stations, banks, tax authorities.. all these barriers that simply exist in our daily lives and, at the end, can be different for everyone. They have become integral parts of our lives of crucial importance.. but, should we deserve something like this? Should we like it? What we should do eventually for our well being?
6. The Greek lifestyle, the celebrities, the star system. We never understood, accepted or even adopted all these but never been able to avoid all this stuff because it is just everywhere. We can write a whole book about this, but now we are more than happy to leave everything behind us.

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