Saturday, 5 May 2012

We are on the way!

After 7 months of preparations, the dream started taking shape and finally we are out on the streets looking for our own Ithaka. What is more, we have next to us all of the people who believed in our crazy dream.

For this reason, since you decided to take part voluntarily in our game -as we said life is a big game- we decided to help you with some instructions. So, it will be easier for you to browse the blog and become part of our trip.

1. For those who have not registered in our Newsletter, it is very simple. Fill in your email on the left and wait for a confirmation email. (NOTE: The email of confirmation may be received automatically to the Junk folder)

2. You can view our "pins" by clicking the "Check our route?". Just click it and monitor "our" Google Map.

3. Each time we leave a country behind, we will upload our story plus a mix of photos. So, stay tuned so as not to miss anything. 
We wish and hope you will "travel" with us. A big hello from the capital of Tuscany, Florence. Take care!

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