Tuesday, 7 August 2012

100 days since departure

.. to Cape Town
From Tema..

100 days since departure and the odometer has stop at 11.886 km with the last pin to be in Tema, the port of Ghana. We spent hours of planing and doing research before deciding to put Zikos into a container and receive it 20 days later in Cape Town. 

It's the first time since our departure that we separate each other. We hope he will be OK. We are already in Cape Town in a nice hostel where we will spend most of our time waiting for the ship.

Have a safe journey Zikos

We are more than sure that we will miss Zikos. We already know that we will get bored after 20 days. We already know that you will get bored after 20 days. We know that in the future we may regret our decision not to take all the way down to South Africa by car.

Upon receipt of the car in the late of August, we will continue under our original plans to Namibia, Botswana, etc.

We wish you a nice holidays!

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