Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Pin Project &

Last October 2011, right after the Zikos acquisition, we became members of an on line community that is deeply dedicated to Suzuki Vitara vehicles, nature and off-road adventures, the Greek Vitara Club.

After one year, friends and members of the VitaraClub make up a very loyal group of followers that really enjoy our stories, adventures and photo material as well.

Last week, they proved how loyal they are by organising a fund raising initiative so as to help us buying a new laptop and so bridge the "communication" gap.

Offering money on a volunteer basis, they managed to gather and donate us 620 euro.

What is more, when we were informed of their intentions, it was too late to deny the amount of money that they have already gathered.

From our side, the only thing we can say is a BIG THANK from the depths of our hearts to all of them that they have not stop supporting and travelling with us as "stowaways".

Dear friends, take care and stay health and safe!

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