Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Zikos got undressed in Barcelona

Sunday morning at 7:00, the phone rings.

- It is the police .. you have a Suzuki?
- Yes ..
- Where are you?  
- In a hostel . 
- Please come .. your car is stolen ..

We got down in a minute.. we were staying in a hostel just next to Zikos.. as if we knew about the forthcoming disaster..

We could not believe in our eyes.. Fortunately, the officers could speak English fluently. They showed us the car.. the left rear window was broken and the bags with the cameras, our netbook, our hard drives, the second GPS and our binoculars were missing.. the most precious and expensive possessions we had plus all our media material so far..


Anger, annoyance, despair.. the only thing we could do was to burst into tears..

This was the sad story so far.. Let's get to the happy end now.. The officers had seen and chased the robbers, who started running in order to escape and threw all our belongings to the street. The policemen took everything in their car and gave us a call (on the netbook case, there was an ID card with our contact details).

What is more, while we were reporting the incident to the local police department with the help of a very polite Spanish policeman, we took the local CarGlass addresses in order to fix the window the next day. After finishing all the paperwork, we decided to try our luck one more time and we found that the local CarGlass branch was open. Yes! They were open on Sunday morning as if they knew!! A very polite Spanish guy arranged for everything. Zikos would be ready the day after at 5:00! Moreover, we agreed to leave the car inside until Monday. So we got rid of a car with a broken window (the only thing we could do alternatively was to park somewhere in the city and just look it) and decided to continue our day in the sunny Barcelona.

All in all, we do not know how to feel.. without having such a coverage (for broken window) in our car insurance we paid directly the cost.. that means 184 Spanish euros. On the other hand, we were double lucky to find all our belongings and manage to park the car for two days and fix it so quickly. The officers who found the car told us that in general the area was a bit notorious and Zikos looked like a treasure on their eyes. But we had parked just 100 meters away from the main coastal boulevard in Barcelona.. within the city center. Moreover, the city was full of thousands of tourists because of the Spanish F1 Grand Prix during the weekend.

We won't say that the city is inhospitable but we are very disappointed.

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