Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Waiting for Zikos unveiling

The car is under heavy operations  in a very trusted partner (AthanasiouService) and Georgia is studying the previous stories from other overlanders that did the same or quite the same trip in Africa (at the beginning). I work a lot -especially the last week- and i am realy wondering why people or companies in Greece buy in so much quantities tile adhesives!!!
We noticed that several music festivals take place in Morocco in late June and we are working on it (spent some time in Atlas mountains before getting closer to the Atlantic side and especially Essaouira). Besides that, Formula1 Grand Prix will take place mid-May in Barcelona and Valencia and we are working on our financial potential to watch another race (we have attended also the Turkish Grand Prix (Istanbul) in June 2008). 

The countdown since Xmas is still harsh for me. I have not announced my resignation yet and sometimes it is very difficult to concentrate on my job. Especially when i read other diaries or watching other overlanders' photos and videos.

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